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Welcome and Thank you for visiting Moon Child Co. I have to say once my husband and I got married we were constantly throwing ideas out to one another on potential business opportunities that we could do together. It wasn't until we had kids that one idea really sparked our interest. Two of my three babies have blankets that they take everywhere we go and those tiny loveys are practically part of our family! If it's not in their bed during naptime and bedtime then sleep won't be happening until we find them.
As a new mom SLEEP is a time of the past and if a simple lovey can help keep your little one comforted and content giving you even just 5 extra minutes of rest then why not. Of course a baby blanket can't work miracles however it's our hope and ambition to provide a tiny bit of security for your little one in one of our heirloom loveys.
Please follow us on our social medias and contact us with any questions/concerns as you begin your journey into motherhood.
Ashley Mitchell